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Time waits for noone

Time (nor COVID) waits for anyone: First, the Good News! CANSA Active is giving us a chance to redeem 2020, and ABSA Cape Epic 2021 is a go! We WILL be riding again. Our dream of riding the 2020 ABSA Cape Epic shattered, and our world turned upside down; we were down in the dumps…

From Tankwa Trek to Crank Lengths

Our Reason for Riding: https://www.givengain.com/ap/chantelle-bosch-raising-funds-for-cansa-active/ Since our last installment, much has happened. We’ve completed the Tankwa Trek! For the uninitiated, this is a beast of a race. It’s a REAL mountain bike race, with proper single track, climbing, downhills, rocks, boulders, distance and heat! Tankwa Trek is the race that prospective Cape Epic riders choose…

How much training is enough for the ABSA Cape Epic?

It certainly depends where you see yourself ending in the final standings about how much training you need to do. For us as a couple, we need to balance training with the work/life aspects of running the Emergency Room at Louis Leipoldt and the everyday tasks associated with two little ones. As this is a…


What does it take to ride the Epic?

As one of the smart lecturers told us in our MBA class, most questions can have the following answer: IT DEPENDS. It depends on a lot of factors, but I will discuss our run-up and training to the 2020 Epic thus far in a few categories: Partner Bike Training Village Partner: In the partner sense,…

Not all moonlight and roses

When we line up for the Epic 2020, we will probably only remember the good of the last few months. But as months go, this one has been rough. Not training tough, but emotionally and health tough. Saturday, the 23rd of November, Chantélle had the dreaded phone call. The call that tells you a loved…


Ongoing Prep – Recent Events

October was a busy month for us on the bike, but all in preparation for our main goal – to ride the 2020 Absa Cape Epic for CANSA Active! One of our favourite events was the Java MTB Challenge at Van Loveren Family Vineyards in Robertson.  Not only do we enjoy the MTB route, but…


Natural Boost

If someone had to ask me what made the biggest difference in our cycling this year? It would be one word: Iron

road_to_epic_meeting (2)

Meeting my Cycling Inspiration

After witnessing the Epic fun earlier this year, I was told that if I wanted to ride the Epic, I’d need a suitable bike. (shock-horror!) My 27.5″ trail bike wasn’t necessarily going to cut it so I started trialing out a couple of 29″ XC Bikes.


Why CANSA Active

Being a doctor, I see the devastating effects of cancer all the time. The doctor-patient relationship allows us to deal with the illness, but we sometimes are a bit removed from the real struggle patients face with work/family and just normal “life” while fighting cancer.


C & R Bosch raising funds for CANSA

Our dream has come true – we’re riding the Absa Cape Epic together in 2020! But we wish to make other people’s dreams come true too by raising funds for CANSA.


How It All Began

The bug had bitten, and I wanted to ride at every opportunity (I still do), and I tried to enter every event there was, I loved the camaraderie, the vibe, the views and memories created along the way. I was addicted!