Meeting my Cycling Inspiration

After witnessing the Epic fun earlier this year, I was told that if I wanted to ride the Epic, I’d need a suitable bike (shock-horror!) My 27.5″ trail bike wasn’t necessarily going to cut it so I started trialing out a couple of 29″ XC Bikes.

Our bike mechanic suggested I demo a Silverback and for some unknown reason I was dead set against it. I was adamant that I wouldn’t ride a Silverback, but without trying to convince me any further, Louis arranged a demo bike from Silverback. My exact words were: “Well I guess the least I could do is try it out seeing as though my cycling hero rides a Silverback.” He asked me who that was and I said, Jennie Stenerhag of course. He said Chantélle, it’s Jennie’s bike that you’re going to trial. 😳 Wow! I was dumbstruck and super excited!

2 days later, I was riding Jennie’s Silverback Sesta SBC. I was instantly in love – not sure whether it was because of her / because of the bike or the fact that I was making a massive jump from a 27.5″ bike with a 2×11 drivetrain groupset to a 29″ with a 1×12 drivetrain groupset with all the bells and whistles!  Such a massive difference! This was after all a pro’s bike.  So, the bike became mine.

I rode the Trail Girl MTB 2 day stage event in Robertson in April and of course my ‘new’ bike performed amazingly.  I met Jo Dobinson from Biking in the Bosch there. She invited me to come for some additional training with her and commented that I had a nice bike. I told her where it came from and of course what a huge fan I was of Jennie, she asked if I had met her but I hadn’t, I had only watched her from the side-lines.

A couple of weeks later, my sister-in-law and I went for a training session with Jo and after learning some great new skills, we spent some time on the trails. Jo wanted to go for a quick coffee after and on our way to the coffee shop, said she had to stop off to pick something up. So we stopped outside a house and she said she’ll be right back. The next moment, I was speechless – out walks Jennie Stenerhag! I got to meet my cycling hero!! I was like a complete groupie and stumbled over my words! She must still think I’m a lunatic! 🤣 But I am forever grateful to Jo for setting up such an amazing surprise! And of course to Jennie for being so humble, friendly and taking the time to meet me. 

After chatting on Instagram one day, I asked Jennie if she does coaching for amateurs, as I had heard along the grapevine, and fortunately for me, she had capacity to take on another student.  Yay!

So now I get to follow my cycling hero and be inspired by all she does, I got to ride her bike and I get to be coached by her! This elevated my motivation to new levels and I now know that I’m on the right track to taking on the mammoth challenge that is Cape Epic 2020.

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  1. joannan on Oct 1, 2019 at 12:41 pm

    Ah man, what a lovely post, I love making my clients dreams come true! See you for some more action soon!

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