Why CANSA Active

Being a doctor, I see the devastating effects of cancer all the time. The doctor-patient relationship allows us to deal with the illness, but we sometimes are a bit removed from the real struggle patients face with work/family and just normal “life” while fighting cancer.

This changed in a major way when my friend Gerald Steenkamp was diagnosed with cancer. I was involved in Gerald’s case from diagnosis to referral and as a close friend. He moved through the journey and his journey touched so many of us. He was fit and strong, how can this disease tackle him down like this?? I also saw the toll this took on his family and his fight became our fight. He fought valiantly, but ultimately, we had to say goodbye to Gerald in the most painful way. Miss you still big G!

As a family man myself, Chantélle and I had to sit down and revisit our own lives and screening tests. I have also vowed that I will try and get as many of my friends in some type of screening program to make sure we don’t get caught off guard again. I have since started a program to test men my age and older to try and get data together to have an eye on their health and data going forward.

We have recently also heard that Chantélle’s best friend has been diagnosed with a tumor. She will have her fight and we will stand strong with her. When she is ready to have detailed information out in the general public we will update on her fight and also our fight with her.

With everyone having had a brush with one of the myriad diseases we group as cancer, we feel we want to have CANSA Active as the charity we will be riding for in 2020 Cape Epic.

Please visit our donation page to contribute to this worthy cause and if you’re unable to make a donation, please contribute by sharing our story as much as possible. 


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